LEGO-Compatible Robot Kit Makes Programming Easy - EMMA HUTCHINGS

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Mabot has a modular design and lets kids bring LEGO bricks to life.

Mabot is a modular robotics kit that makes it easy to assemble, program and create. It was designed to inspire learning experiences through play that encourage an exploration of design, engineering, coding and the behavior of complex systems.

The Mabot Go App has simple steps to follow in order to control robots that drive, crawl, walk, slam and spin. The kit teaches kids how to program easily and it is LEGO compatible, so you can use Mabot sensors and power wheels to bring the bricks to life. The modular design lets you create anything you can imagine, with the any-angle connectors and hot plugging patented tech enabling parts to be connected and disconnected simply and safely without interrupting the power. You can check out Mabot in the video below:

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